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Storm in a Teacup – specially for 4K3

I must say that 4K3 has turned out to be a really pleasant class  to teach.  So, as a show of gratitude for their cooperation, this post goes out to them.

The question posed to me this morning: “What’s a storm in a teacup?”

Answer: A situation where people get very angry or worried about something that is not important.

Usage: All this anxiety about changes to tonight’s choice of dessert – it is really a storm in a teacup.



Gorilla getup


You would have probably already seen this in fb. But just for the record, JC got gorilla after my lesson. I wonder what my lesson did to him.

what we did in NTU today

While all my students were hard at work fighting the MTL battle, the Lit team was at NIE/NTU presenting our Sec 1 Literature programme.  We were sharing on how we incorporated principles of Assessment for Learning in our school.  Here are the light hearted moments.  You won’t notice how our hands were shaking during the presentation.  We are just relieved that it is over.






our grp project from yesterday

For the record, I am so proud of working group yesterday.  We had subject experts who knew the places well and one techie iphone geek who googled anything in history to scrutinizing google maps to look for alternative  sites.  Relying on our caffeine-starved brains, we managed to have some themes encompassing the trail.  One principal gave us feedback that it was excellent work 🙂 Like any other student, I crave for affirmation too!


what I did today in Toa Payoh instead of coming to school


It is the most boring title ever used.  I am pretty brain dead now after a long day out.  It is better for me to be succinct or nothing.  I spent the entire day divided at Toa Payoh doing a site visit cum trail and at New Town Secondary consolidating the learning points and designing another trail for our school.  Trails are what we use in our learning journeys for most of the subjects.

Compared to the rest of the 7 other trails, ours was the most urban and was full of creature comforts.  We had a bus tour and air conditioning at the HDB Gallery while others fought mosquitoes and monkeys in the wilderness.  Toa Payoh is a really old town with a lot of history in the kinds of HDB flats and amenities.  It was really nice to visit the old landscape garden that was really in vogue with bridal shots in the fast and to remember the kind of HDB flat set-up I grow up in when I was a kid.

Here are some of the shots I took that covered bits and pieces of the things that I liked.

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and you thought punctuation was something minor


I am having so much fun with these this year.  This one is going into the slides for tomorrow’s 4NA cohort talk 🙂


this is so clever :)