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Site Visit: Post Crossing

I miss the days where I waited in anticipation for something to arrive in the post.  Gone are also the days where I bought postcards and sent them home whenever I travelled.  There was something special about the stamps and post mark.  Now, electronic mail has taken over.  I miss the personal touch.

Today’s site visit is credited to one of my NE committee members – Miss Lee Sin Choon who introduced it to us.  I think it is really exciting to send and receive postcards from all over the world.  Why don’t you consider?  You could make a lot of new friends who do more than just “like” something on your facebook page.  You actually receive a postcard!  Check out the site!


Site Visit: Playgrounds of Yesteryears

This is so very nostalgic. Wonderful walk down memory lane of what playgrounds used to be like in my days.

Remember Singapore

How many of you have spent hours of your childhood playing in these sand-based playgrounds with local-styled designs? Many of them, built in the late seventies, are the works of Khor Ean Ghee (born 1935), Maria Boey, Lee Kwee Wah and Chew Chek Peng, the former in-house designers of the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

The memories of these playgrounds are precious to a whole generation of Singaporeans born between the seventies and eighties. Today, most of them were demolished, with only a few of them forgotten in the corners of the old estates. It is a matter of time before they vanish and be replaced by the new plastic playgrounds with rubber mats.

Deemed safer and more hygienic for the children, the new playgrounds have been installed all over the island since 1993. But their designs, which are almost identical to one another, seem to be lacking of some…

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unwrap the true spirit of christmas

Christmas brings out the worst cynic in me.  Frustration mounts within when I have to contend with crowds and listen to horrible christmas songs in every shopping mall.  I question what is the point of all that feasting and partying when barely a week later, another round of countdown partying begins yet again.  Many people tell me to chill. “It’s the Christmas spirit afterall.  You should enjoy yourself.”  I don’t know.  I still don’t see the point of it.

I prefer to keep it low at Christmas and do something for someone who really needs it.  Years back, someone introduced the idea of giving up a gift for someone out there who really needs it.  World Vision’s “Unwrap the true spirit of Christmas” always comes to mind.  It is simple and meaningful.

The Christmas wish list is simple:

1. Child Education Fund – $10

2. Seeds for one family – $17

3. Bed nets for a family – $18

4. Clean water fund – $25

Well, the list goes on and you could just buy the gift online. You get the idea now? I’ve particularly enjoyed the videos that made me think about how I can actually do something simple for people who really need it.  You  would never think that chickens can make a difference to someone’s life right?

Catch the rest of the episodes here.   I hope you would consider taking the road less travelled and do something different this Christmas 🙂


Site Visit: Cool Infographics

Seriously, some concepts are just hard to explain.  You could read tons on it and still not understand how it works.  Maybe it’s me not being very good at digesting and understanding all the number crunching or jargon.  I stumbled on this a few months back and wow, it makes difficult stuff simple for me.  I like the way graphics are used so simply to explain the concepts.

Here is one on buying stocks.  I have read or people have explained it to me before.  But I just don’t get it.  This is just perfect for me to understand it (and keep it as a teaching resource in time to come).  Check out the other pages too!

* click on image for the full size.

Site Visit: Urban Sketchers Singapore

This is another series I hope to update from time to time.  I chanced upon this group of artists – sketchers who basically draw the scene of Singapore so beautifully.  I like the way they interpret the places and there is a very personal touch to it.  What’s more, some of it was done on the go while they were either running errands or having a meal.  The rest of the amazing drawings are on the website.  Isn’t this drawing of MBS lovely?