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would you eat shark’s fin if you were served?

Supplementary reading for this week’s discussion and reflection

Tradition / Diplomacy / Cruelty?  These are considerations we have to work with.  Think hard.  What’s your stand if you were served shark’s fin at a dinner party?

1. Article (1) – Channelnews Asia

2. Refusing to eat Shark’s Fin at a Chinese Dinner Party

3. Campaign Video


Weekend Prep work for 4K1 and 4K3

Dear everyone,

To get next week’s discussion going, please go to the following links to post your comments:



Everyone should make the effort to contribute so that we could have a rich discussion.  Thanks very much.

Supplementary Exercise:

Watch the following video.  What do you notice about the student leaders featured here.  Please post your thoughts in the comments section on this entry.

Reading Reflections Tasks

For all my classes:

Article: Loan Sharks now hunting in schools

1. Why is the presence of loansharks in schools worrying?  Use the following perspectives to share your answer:

(a) a 16 year old student

(b) the school

(c) parents

2. Give reasons why you think the recruitment process has been successful thus far.

Article: Mumbai Bombing

1. What are your thoughts on the triple bombing in Mumbai?  You may comment on the following:

(a) the bombers

(b) the government

(c) the victims