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use your voice & tell me a story

I first saw this from ELIS on fb.  Observe how she uses her voice to tell a story.  Dramatise your story!

Task for4K1, 4K2 – Please share your thoughts on what you noticed about the way she used her voice.  At which point, did you find her most effective?


2011 Booklet – Passage (1) Aunt May’s Retirement

2011 Booklet – Passage (1) Aunt May’s Retirement.

I am in the process of publishing the rest of the tracks.  You should be able to download the tracks from the site.  My thanks to Natalie Tan (2010 batch) for recording the tracks 🙂

Supplementary Material for Reading Task – Stanley Cup Riots

What are you thoughts about the riots?  You could use the comment box if you like.

Video Clips on Environmental Degradation

Top 10 ‘inventions’

Top 10 “inventions” that changed the world ~ Read it HERE.

Any other inventions that you think that should make it to the list?

Grrrrrrreat Presentations (3)

Notice how clean and sleek this one is. Crystal clear organisation of ideas and supported by a strong script.

This presentation on transport has good content that I believe all of us will benefit from it.

Grrrrrreat Presentation (2) – File Sharing

I just realised that only allows a portion of the slides to be shown 😦 It’s a pity that most of you can’t see the full presentation. Anyway, here is another great one from Foong Ming, Grace, Michelle and Liqi. Well done gals!