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space geek stuff

I have to confess that this is a topic that I will struggle a lot with.  When it comes to the really science geek stuff, I know little.  This week, we are going to analyse a text describing what earth looks like from the International Space Station.  These videos are really going to help make the teaching a lot easier.

Take a tour of the International Space Station!


Supplementary Material for Reading Task – Stanley Cup Riots

What are you thoughts about the riots?  You could use the comment box if you like.

Online reading for 4C & 4F

“I’m bored!” is so often the cry of teenagers today.  What could be done about this?  (Nov 2009)

Dear 4C & 4F,

Before we prepare to write on the above topic, here is some online reading that you should do to prepare your material for your arguments.

1. The Benefits of a Change in Routine

2. Interesting places for a teenager to go to in Singapore (note the really awful English written by the teenager 😦 )

3. Volunteering and its surprising benefits

4. The Sparkle Effect

Tip: Winning essays are those that elaborate on the benefits of the ideas.  Please jot down the relevant benefits to support your ideas.

Deadline: Monday night.

can you live without your mobile phone?

This post is inspired by the error analysis of the diagnostic test for this week.  Tons of you attempted the question on “the phone call”.  Most of you need to understand that standard English is crucial in your descriptions and not rely on the informal phrases that you are so accustomed to.  Apart from learning the usage of English with reference to describing the usage of a mobile phone, this reminds us how the mobile phone is so much a part of our lives now.

Can you live without your mobile phone?


Pompeii Dreams

Eversince I read about Pompeii, I have dreamt for a long time of going to Italy and visiting this ancient city.  What makes it so famous was the devastating volcanic eruption that wiped out the entire city.  But the remains of the city show us clearly what Roman life was like and how the people died an agonising death.

I’ll be going for the curator’s tour soon and I am so happy that the teachers will get a chance to go into the exhibition.  Right now, we are trying really hard to bring at least one cohort to the exhibition for a learning journey in 2011.  You should go before it closes.  It is an amazing piece of history that you shouldn’t miss.

Click for more background information on Pompeii.

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Changing Faces – Supplementary Reading

Please go to this link for the full article that I introduced on Friday.  Go ahead to do your prep work for essay.  Have a good weekend.

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