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women’s mentor

I must clarify that the two posts tonight are totally unrelated in case you are wondering.  At this morning’s class discussion about doing something meaningful with our lives, I guess my sen

ses were really tuned to volunteerism.  I chanced on this just an hour ago and thought it would be good to share it.  To have a mentor and someone to learn from is priceless.   These women are really inspiring and successful in their own ways.  I wish there was something like this for me to be a part of when I was much younger.  This one is for you young ladies on the job now.  Good luck!


can you live without your mobile phone?

This post is inspired by the error analysis of the diagnostic test for this week.  Tons of you attempted the question on “the phone call”.  Most of you need to understand that standard English is crucial in your descriptions and not rely on the informal phrases that you are so accustomed to.  Apart from learning the usage of English with reference to describing the usage of a mobile phone, this reminds us how the mobile phone is so much a part of our lives now.

Can you live without your mobile phone?


Top 10 ‘inventions’

Top 10 “inventions” that changed the world ~ Read it HERE.

Any other inventions that you think that should make it to the list?