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how little I know about this

The next 2 days are immensely challenging in class. Firstly, I have to take the class through a really difficult passage on the ethics of stem cell research.  Next, I know nuts about the topic.  True, I don’t have to know about everything under the sun.  But it sure doesn’t feel good that I am going into class having a poor grasp of the subject matter.  Here are a couple of resources I am going to use.


The Great Gatsby Character Map

The Great Gatsby Photo Map

Here is a quick summary of the characters in the novel.

The Great Gatsby – Lesson Resources

I am really quite excited to the teach The Great Gatsby this week.  I studied the novel in university and of course, the very suave and dashing Leonardo DiCaprio now makes the difference 🙂

READ this FIRST – Summary of the plot:

I can’t find a continuous clip of a scene.  But I think the snapshots of how lavish the parties here will help all of us to get a sense of what the passage is referring to.

If you have better clips that I could refer to, please let me know!


space geek stuff

I have to confess that this is a topic that I will struggle a lot with.  When it comes to the really science geek stuff, I know little.  This week, we are going to analyse a text describing what earth looks like from the International Space Station.  These videos are really going to help make the teaching a lot easier.

Take a tour of the International Space Station!

Video Feature: Hurricane Dennis

Video Feature: Evolution of Whales & Whaling

Diving Paradise – Raja Ampat Islands