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kind words for term 4

Well, I hope that everyone has had a good break and you are ready to come back for the last push.  When I see all of you on Tues, we will be presenting our answers for the comprehension passages I gave you as holiday homework.  I would like to check your work for all three.  Please show me the answers (including summary) all neatly written out.  Warning: You had enough time to do this.  Bearing in mind the bloodbath at prelims, you can be sure that I will be very very very angry if I see slipshod work for the holiday assignments.  This, I write with great sincerity.

Welcome back to term 4.



2011 Booklet – Passage (1) Aunt May’s Retirement

2011 Booklet – Passage (1) Aunt May’s Retirement.

I am in the process of publishing the rest of the tracks.  You should be able to download the tracks from the site.  My thanks to Natalie Tan (2010 batch) for recording the tracks 🙂

Surprises come in small packages


It was really wonderful that our Sec 1 team came in second place at the National Schools Literature Festival 2011. They did a performance from Ho Min Fong’s The Clay Marble. I am proud to share that they had about 1.5 weeks to prepare for this and yet, they did a marvellous job. What was really heartwarming was that their dedication and seriousness shone through.

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Reading Reflections Questions

Question One – Lady Gaga A12 (mainpage)

(i) In your opinion, why does Lady Gaga command so much attention?

(ii) How do you feel about the National Day Funpack song?

(iii) What do you look for in a National Day song?  Why? (:) What’s your favorite song?)

ps: Have you heard this year’s theme song?

Question Two – Kill me… A10

(i) Do you feel that children in Singapore face the same dangers?  If not, what “dangers” do they face?

pps: you may consider the article from tues about the arrest of a woman from Teck Whye too.

attention warriors

Strangely, I got over the bemoaning about school starting again pretty quickly.  I guess it is because I am already planning to see the terracotta warriors at the Asian Civilisations Museum.  I really want to go to China to see the entire army in the tomb.  There are so many amazing stories behind it.  But since they are here, it is better than nothing.  You should take time out and check it out because it is world heritage.  To me, it is one of those great things in life that you should come face to face with.  The bonus? Teachers and students get in FREE.

Well, since I am at it, if you admire the craft of watching making, then go and see the Treasures of Varcheron Constantin at the National Museum.  FREE ENTRY 🙂 for us too!

I am incredibly excited just writing about this.  Enough said.

Let’s do this more often, please.

Thank you 🙂

4F – linoit canvas work

Dear 4F, please go to this canvas to post your prep work for Monday’s lesson.  Since I did not get the chance to inform everyone, please help to spread the message.