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A Good Read

I am not a sci-fi fan.  I can’t remember the names and it is all jargon to me.  But just 2 days back, I attended a workshop that required us to do a text analysis on something quite different.  I really enjoyed this short story because there are so many levels of meanings and symbols.  You might need to go back and forth a little to see the connections.  But trust me, this is a really good read 🙂

A Roll of Thunder by Ray Bradbury


Gypsy Child Thieves

In the course of discussing the comprehension assignment on The Great Gatsby, we had a discussion on gypsies.

This is the video that I mentioned to you, on the problems today. Watch only if you can spare an hour. This is a very long documentary.


I need you.

I need you.

Clear sign of stress.

Video Feature: The Key to Success – GRIT.

This has encouraged us tremendously this week in class when we watched it for the essay.  She is such an excellent speaker.  Enjoy the video!


The Great Gatsby Character Map

The Great Gatsby Photo Map

Here is a quick summary of the characters in the novel.

The Great Gatsby – Lesson Resources

I am really quite excited to the teach The Great Gatsby this week.  I studied the novel in university and of course, the very suave and dashing Leonardo DiCaprio now makes the difference 🙂

READ this FIRST – Summary of the plot:

I can’t find a continuous clip of a scene.  But I think the snapshots of how lavish the parties here will help all of us to get a sense of what the passage is referring to.

If you have better clips that I could refer to, please let me know!