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success – what it really is

I haven’t had much time to write recently.  I guess I have to prioritise.  But this is for my students – I would like you to press on and not be demoralised.


Picture Credits: Demetri Martin




Apps to help you with Reading Aloud

1. Use the Cambridge Online dictionary to help you learn how to pronounce difficult words.  Choose the UK pronunciation. 

2. Macmillian Prounciation App – improve and refine your articulation of consonants and vowels.

3. Pronunciation Power – how your mouth should work to produce the sounds.

Sec 4Exp/5NA Oral Prelim Dates

1. 11 April 2013, Thurs – 4K1 and 4K2

2.15 April 2013, Mon – 4K3

3. 16 April 2013, Tue – 4K4 and 4K5

4. 19 April 2013, Fri – 5NA

Time: 2.30pm