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use your voice & tell me a story

I first saw this from ELIS on fb.  Observe how she uses her voice to tell a story.  Dramatise your story!

Task for4K1, 4K2 – Please share your thoughts on what you noticed about the way she used her voice.  At which point, did you find her most effective?


Site Visit: Post Crossing

I miss the days where I waited in anticipation for something to arrive in the post.  Gone are also the days where I bought postcards and sent them home whenever I travelled.  There was something special about the stamps and post mark.  Now, electronic mail has taken over.  I miss the personal touch.

Today’s site visit is credited to one of my NE committee members – Miss Lee Sin Choon who introduced it to us.  I think it is really exciting to send and receive postcards from all over the world.  Why don’t you consider?  You could make a lot of new friends who do more than just “like” something on your facebook page.  You actually receive a postcard!  Check out the site!

the reception


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And now we revel in the fruit of our labour


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Some tuna q-something

Student: [exiting from the F & N Room with a lunchbox] Hi, Ms Lai!

Me: [eyeing the lunchbox] What’s that?

Student: Some tuna q-something.  I don’t know how to say it.

Me: Quiche? (pronounced “qeesh”)

Student: Quiche? That’s how you say it?

Me: Yeah.  Quiche.

Student: Wow, thanks! 🙂 Bye!

Me: [muttering] No sampling.

15 Grammar Goofs – school.failblog

More theme celebrations for boys only

I am digging all these theme parties up for the guys in class who seem to be struggling endlessly with birthday celebrations.

Soccer Theme

Super Mario Theme

Super Hero theme

Finally, no more excuses.  I am looking forward to your fabulous essays 🙂