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Check out 5R1’s winning entry at this year’s classroom deco ūüôā


Video Feature: Word as Image

How to use the comma

A step closer to less confusion with the comma.

Lexington Writing Firm

As punctuation devices go, commas are often the most useful. They separate the structural elements of a sentence into more manageable segments of information, preventing confusion. The rules surrounding comma use, however, can be vague and flexible. Unlike semicolons, for example, there are few hard-and-fast rules.

Most writers, including business writers, don’t use commas enough to make their writing easier to understand. Here are a few strategies to help make your writing perfectly clear:

Use a comma to:

1. Address someone directly:

Wrong: Thank you Sheila! or Will you commit James?

Right: Thank you, Sheila! or Will you commit, James?

2. Separate a sentence’s introductory clause:

Wrong: Yes I received the report.

Right: Yes, I received the report.

3. Separate a sentence’s contrasting elements:

Wrong: My role includes these responsibilities not yours.

Right: My role includes these responsibilities, not yours.

4. Separate two distinct clauses: 

Wrong: Our department chose to…

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Site Visit: Playgrounds of Yesteryears

This is so very nostalgic. Wonderful walk down memory lane of what playgrounds used to be like in my days.

Remember Singapore

How many of you have spent hours of your childhood playing in these sand-based playgrounds with local-styled designs? Many of them, built in the late seventies, are the works of Khor Ean Ghee (born 1935), Maria Boey, Lee Kwee Wah and Chew Chek Peng, the former in-house designers of the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

The memories of these playgrounds are precious to a whole generation of Singaporeans born between the seventies and eighties. Today, most of them were demolished, with only a few of them forgotten in the corners of the old estates. It is a matter of time before they vanish and be replaced by the new plastic playgrounds with rubber mats.

Deemed safer and more hygienic for the children, the new playgrounds have been installed all over the island since 1993. But their designs, which are almost identical to one another, seem to be lacking of some…

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such joy

Logic tells me that it is a risky move.  Common sense tells me that I need to guide and control every move.  Experience tells me that I need to vet the material before it is presented.

But Faith told me to believe.

So, I got 5R2 to do their sharing “World Cafe” style – one person remains to present the group’s material and the rest of the members of the “home” group rove from one group to another – kind of like visiting booths.

There was quiet delight watching how it unfolded. Notwithstanding the initial slight confusion, I saw a certain earnestness in the presenters to do a credible job.  There was a sense of ownership to make sure that the participants understood their presentations.  I saw attentiveness in the participants and perhaps, the realisation of having learnt something new from their friends.  The finishing was an interesting lively debate in a certain group who challenged the presenter on the validity of the ideas shared.

You know, this is close to the dream lessons I want in my classes.  Today, I come one step closer to believing that it is possible.

The next time you order pizza

Every little bit makes a difference.

Weekend Prep work for 4K1 and 4K3

Dear everyone,

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Supplementary Exercise:

Watch the following video.  What do you notice about the student leaders featured here.  Please post your thoughts in the comments section on this entry.