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A peaceful morning.  No phone calls.  No meetings.  No decisions to make.  The aroma of coffee in a quiet cafe.

Pure bliss.


unwrap the true spirit of christmas

Christmas brings out the worst cynic in me.  Frustration mounts within when I have to contend with crowds and listen to horrible christmas songs in every shopping mall.  I question what is the point of all that feasting and partying when barely a week later, another round of countdown partying begins yet again.  Many people tell me to chill. “It’s the Christmas spirit afterall.  You should enjoy yourself.”  I don’t know.  I still don’t see the point of it.

I prefer to keep it low at Christmas and do something for someone who really needs it.  Years back, someone introduced the idea of giving up a gift for someone out there who really needs it.  World Vision’s “Unwrap the true spirit of Christmas” always comes to mind.  It is simple and meaningful.

The Christmas wish list is simple:

1. Child Education Fund – $10

2. Seeds for one family – $17

3. Bed nets for a family – $18

4. Clean water fund – $25

Well, the list goes on and you could just buy the gift online. You get the idea now? I’ve particularly enjoyed the videos that made me think about how I can actually do something simple for people who really need it.  You  would never think that chickens can make a difference to someone’s life right?

Catch the rest of the episodes here.   I hope you would consider taking the road less travelled and do something different this Christmas 🙂



No, I haven’t forgotten about this place.  I’ve doing a different form of writing for the past few weeks.  I don’t have anything interesting to talk about for the time being, so I’ll go back to doing video features.  These two are really fascinating.  Just dots.  Watch “Hero” and you’ll know what I mean.  And for the second one, never complain about chaotic traffic.  If you look closely, there is order in chaos.  It just works.  Enjoy!