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Video Feature: Made in Iceland

I decided not to travel this year end because there is unfinished business to take care of.  There are several items on a personal To-Do List.  I figured that I would be more well-rested if I went local.  But I am still reading and dreaming about far-flung places.  This is a really nice video on Iceland.  I don’t like the cold but it would be so cool to go to Iceland one day.


Video Feature: Wonder Object

If you liked this, then check out Salon of Beauty.  It’s amazing that some people are just so incredibly talented!

Video Feature: History of the iPhone, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs

Apple products I own:

1. 2 ipod classics – one is dead and I am currently using a 160G Grey Classic.  I don’t think I will ever use an iPod Touch because I am a fan of the click wheel.

2. A 5 year old Macbook which is pretty old by today’s standards.

I am not a fan of the iPhone because I get really anxious and nervous using a touchscreen phone.  But I admire the innovation and aesthetics behind Apple products in general.  The geek in me relished every bit of this video.  This one is for all you iPhone users out there.  The device has come a long way!

Site Visit: Cool Infographics

Seriously, some concepts are just hard to explain.  You could read tons on it and still not understand how it works.  Maybe it’s me not being very good at digesting and understanding all the number crunching or jargon.  I stumbled on this a few months back and wow, it makes difficult stuff simple for me.  I like the way graphics are used so simply to explain the concepts.

Here is one on buying stocks.  I have read or people have explained it to me before.  But I just don’t get it.  This is just perfect for me to understand it (and keep it as a teaching resource in time to come).  Check out the other pages too!

* click on image for the full size.

The first four words you see describe you

PhotobucketYou probably would have seen this around somewhere.  In any case, what’s yours?

Site Visit: Urban Sketchers Singapore

This is another series I hope to update from time to time.  I chanced upon this group of artists – sketchers who basically draw the scene of Singapore so beautifully.  I like the way they interpret the places and there is a very personal touch to it.  What’s more, some of it was done on the go while they were either running errands or having a meal.  The rest of the amazing drawings are on the website.  Isn’t this drawing of MBS lovely?



Video Feature: A Year in New York

I’ve decided to add a couple of things on this blog to share some wonderful done by really talented people.  Enjoy this video feature on scenes in New York.