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You’ve got to hand it to these fabulous teachers

Before 2011 comes to an end, remember that this is the power-packed team (including Mdm Hayati who is not in the picture) that saw every single one of you through. And yes, like normal people, we like to have a good meal and relax ūüôā





upcoming blockbuster shows

Contrary to popular belief and vile rumours, I am not free. I am only free from teaching and marking. This week is already fully booked with meetings.

Anyway, great stuff is lined up for everyone for this vacation. I will never miss the chance to view great masterpieces of art. ¬†You’ll be sure that I will catch these two exhibitions soon!


Although there isn’t free entry for students, this might still be worth checking out. I don’t like the movie, Titanic, but we’ve read about this enough. I thought I would check it out nevertheless.


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See you at the finish line.


To be brutally honest, I don’t really like running. ¬†It hurts a lot for me. ¬†My lungs hurt especially when I gasp for air, probably because I am ultra unfit. ¬†My knees hurt if I don’t run consistently or if I overdo it. ¬†I get bored really quickly and I want to do something else. ¬†Sometimes, I get a massive headache when it is really hot out there. ¬†You wonder why then I go through all these just to torture myself. ¬†Heh.

I spent a lot of time doing sports when I was in school. ¬†Through competitive sports, I learnt discipline, focus and the joy of reaping the fruits of hard work. ¬†In the other spheres of my life, I am influenced by it to be equally competitive and to go all the way out to win. ¬†Most of all, I don’t like to give up. ¬†I don’t like to lose. It’s not always good but it drives me to push on.

I took up running in the last two years because I needed an outlet and a diversion to deal with the stress at work.  The initial months were tough.  Most of the time, I gave up due to my poor fitness.  There were a 101 excuses for myself.

Running taught me a lot about the way I deal with my day to day realities. ¬†When I endure the physical pain to accomplish the goals I set for myself, I am really happy about it. ¬†I found myself doing a lot of self-talk. ¬†“Keep going. ¬†One more round.” ¬†When I realise that my endurance level has gone up, there is a growing sense of quiet confidence. ¬†When I look at all the other pro runners zipping past me, I tell myself that if they can do it, so can I. ¬†Other times when I run with my friends, they cheer me on. ¬†It means a lot to me.

This year’s big race for me will end tomorrow. ¬†It is a particularly tough race to run. ¬†Many odds were against me. ¬†I didn’t give up. ¬†I look forward to the finish line tomorrow. ¬†Even if I didn’t finish with a better timing, I know that my endurance level has gone up. ¬†It only served to make me more determined to win the next race.

To my students, your race will end in about two weeks time. ¬†Run hard. ¬† Give it your best shot. ¬†A part of it will involve pain. ¬†But remember that it will make you stronger. ¬†Most of all, your teachers have been coaching and cheering you on all these months. ¬†Show them you’ve got what it takes to win.

To my esteemed colleagues, never never give up.  You ran this race with your heart.  Few are like you.  I count it a privilege to have run alongside with you all.

See you all at the finish line.

Cheating on tonight’s post with reblogs. In any case, this makes a lot of sense.

PR Pret-a-Porter

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to spelling, grammar or pronunciation. But some words are more likable  to be written incorrect, when the spelling is very appropriate. PR Daily made an infographic regarding information:

Source: PR Daily

Better tomorrow,

PR Pret-a-Porter.

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I am still pushing ahead. What about you?

I am good with stickman!

Ever so often I need a vision break when I am marking these days. ¬†Drawing is the least of my talents. ¬†5B can attest to it. ¬†But this page just kept me going ūüôā Stickman drawings are my forte! Heh. ¬†Why don’t you try it? Enjoy your vision break!