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Surprises come in small packages


It was really wonderful that our Sec 1 team came in second place at the National Schools Literature Festival 2011. They did a performance from Ho Min Fong’s The Clay Marble. I am proud to share that they had about 1.5 weeks to prepare for this and yet, they did a marvellous job. What was really heartwarming was that their dedication and seriousness shone through.

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Reading Reflections Tasks

For all my classes:

Article: Loan Sharks now hunting in schools

1. Why is the presence of loansharks in schools worrying?  Use the following perspectives to share your answer:

(a) a 16 year old student

(b) the school

(c) parents

2. Give reasons why you think the recruitment process has been successful thus far.

Article: Mumbai Bombing

1. What are your thoughts on the triple bombing in Mumbai?  You may comment on the following:

(a) the bombers

(b) the government

(c) the victims

Reading Reflections Questions

Question One – Lady Gaga A12 (mainpage)

(i) In your opinion, why does Lady Gaga command so much attention?

(ii) How do you feel about the National Day Funpack song?

(iii) What do you look for in a National Day song?  Why? (:) What’s your favorite song?)

ps: Have you heard this year’s theme song?

Question Two – Kill me… A10

(i) Do you feel that children in Singapore face the same dangers?  If not, what “dangers” do they face?

pps: you may consider the article from tues about the arrest of a woman from Teck Whye too.

Weblink Recommendation: The Last Days of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I chanced upon this while checking out my work email.  The photos are well taken.  It’s a pity that I never took a train from Tanjong Pagar before in my life. Now it is gone.