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Supplementary Material for Reading Task – Stanley Cup Riots

What are you thoughts about the riots?  You could use the comment box if you like.


attention warriors

Strangely, I got over the bemoaning about school starting again pretty quickly.  I guess it is because I am already planning to see the terracotta warriors at the Asian Civilisations Museum.  I really want to go to China to see the entire army in the tomb.  There are so many amazing stories behind it.  But since they are here, it is better than nothing.  You should take time out and check it out because it is world heritage.  To me, it is one of those great things in life that you should come face to face with.  The bonus? Teachers and students get in FREE.

Well, since I am at it, if you admire the craft of watching making, then go and see the Treasures of Varcheron Constantin at the National Museum.  FREE ENTRY 🙂 for us too!

I am incredibly excited just writing about this.  Enough said.

keep them coming






Thanks for the email submissions so far everyone. One more day to the end of my vacation break.  Keep the submissions coming in and I will send you the reply soon 🙂







Gorilla getup


You would have probably already seen this in fb. But just for the record, JC got gorilla after my lesson. I wonder what my lesson did to him.

mirror play

Overdue photos of us at the Dali exhibition.  We had such a laugh with the mirrors.


Oh yeah we need longer legs!


I have never been short in my life.


Alright, enough.

Online reading for 4C & 4F

“I’m bored!” is so often the cry of teenagers today.  What could be done about this?  (Nov 2009)

Dear 4C & 4F,

Before we prepare to write on the above topic, here is some online reading that you should do to prepare your material for your arguments.

1. The Benefits of a Change in Routine

2. Interesting places for a teenager to go to in Singapore (note the really awful English written by the teenager 😦 )

3. Volunteering and its surprising benefits

4. The Sparkle Effect

Tip: Winning essays are those that elaborate on the benefits of the ideas.  Please jot down the relevant benefits to support your ideas.

Deadline: Monday night.