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4F – linoit canvas work

Dear 4F, please go to this canvas to post your prep work for Monday’s lesson.  Since I did not get the chance to inform everyone, please help to spread the message.


Pls support Earth Hour at 8.30pm this Sat.

e-learning assignment – 4C & 4F

Please click on the image to complete your e-learning activity – Sentence Separation Errors

play with your mind

I am currently reading up on how wordplay affects the way people think.  If used correctly, we can influence the way our audience perceives a certain issue.

Connection Language

Us and them

Talking about people, make them inclusively closer by saying ‘we’ or ‘us’, or position them separately by saying ‘they’ or ‘them’.

eg. He’s one of us.  She’s one of them.

This and that

When you talk about other people and things, ‘this’ makes something closer, whilst ‘that’ pushes it further away.

eg. I like this, but I’m not so sure about that.

With and without

Words such as ‘with’ and ‘together’ connect, suggesting doing things jointly. Oher words such as ‘each’ and ‘independent’ disconnect and separate.

eg. With this, we can make a difference.

I lost my voice completely :(


desperate times, desperate measures

When I look at my syllabus schedule and how far behind we are this year, the stress intensifies.  Desperate times, desperate measures.

To my very able and bright students, please set up your e-learning accounts by going to the new e-learning website.

Cheers to the weekend!

Credits: Color Me Katie