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the giant Christmas tree

Last post before I take a hiatus for a month. Happy holidays everyone! Take time out to have quiet moments to yourself and be nice to someone who needs it out there this Christmas. Ciao!


night at the museum




Sorry guys, I don’t think I can do justice to tonight’s post.  The flu bug is really getting to me.  It was a shame that I couldn’t catch all my students at Grad Nite 2010.  Just before I left, I managed to catch a few of you guys and this one is by far the “madest” photo of the night!


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Pompeii Dreams

Eversince I read about Pompeii, I have dreamt for a long time of going to Italy and visiting this ancient city.  What makes it so famous was the devastating volcanic eruption that wiped out the entire city.  But the remains of the city show us clearly what Roman life was like and how the people died an agonising death.

I’ll be going for the curator’s tour soon and I am so happy that the teachers will get a chance to go into the exhibition.  Right now, we are trying really hard to bring at least one cohort to the exhibition for a learning journey in 2011.  You should go before it closes.  It is an amazing piece of history that you shouldn’t miss.

Click for more background information on Pompeii.

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and then there was a moment of silence

One memorable point in today’s seminar was the hushed silence in the crowd of a few hundred of people when we watched this.  It was part of a presentation on the use of New Media.  I wasn’t really aware that this series existed.  Apparently, tonight is the last episode uploaded on Cyberpioneer TV’s Youtube channel.  But in those mere few minutes, I believe the clip touched everyone’s heart, including mine.


inspirational saturation

I am beating myself up & staring at everyone else with their computers in envy at every other break for the most part of today. I wish I brought my notebook to do my work!

It’s been a rather fruitful & inspirational morning discussing the relevance of NE in new media. One observation – Every other person around me is tapping on their iphones or ipad as we discuss stuff. Teachers are tech-savvy 🙂

One last session to go for the day, but brain is really saturated now.

Tomorrow’s Offerings

Next couple of days – Connexion 2010 (NE Seminar 2010)

It looks quite interesting. The concurrent sessions mostly revolve around using new media for NE. It sounds quite cool 🙂

Be back later this week.