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my newest vision break addiction

The Japanese never fail to amaze me. Be careful. This can be highly addictive. Click on the screenshot and you’ll see what I mean.


Picture Credits: screenshot from Uniqlo


Before this becomes old news

I have been busy juggling a whole load of things apart from marking.  It is going to be full steam ahead for the next three days with marking.  Before this becomes really old news, what we really shouldn’t miss in life is the artistic expression by some very talented and gifted individuals around us.  I managed to squeeze in some time at SAM last weekend to catch Digital Nights.  You should go if you have the chance.  It ends with the culmination of F1 this weekend.


More videos here


You’ve got to hand it to a class who still meets up with their form teachers after three years.  Here’s my form class from 2007.  We had a really great time catching up 🙂 Some of the boys are already serving NS and we expect almost all of them to be in NS next year and the girls will probably be working.  Time really flies.

You know, it’s never really the same without a form class.  I guess it is part of the teacher-nurturing instinct that we have.  I must admit that I feel lost without one this year and sometimes, during a form class activity time, I don’t really know what to do, except to return to my office desk 😦  And because of this, it has made me realise that I have been really fortunate to have fabulous form classes in the last few years.

4B (2007), you guys are great.  Stay the way you are and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Can someone make this for me?

* Click for instructions *

bruising along

This is for the curiosity cats out there.  I have been asked this question a thousand times and really, I don’t know how I got the bruise.  Poor Wesley was really shocked to see it in class when I rolled up my cardigan to beat the humidity.  The pesky thing about it now is that it is taking forever to clear.  Sigh.


Venues for Masterclasses

1. 7 Sept (tues) with 5NA – C7 container
2. 8 Sept (wed) with 5NA – Commerce Room
3. 9 Sept (thurs) with 4Exp – AVA Room

the purple bird

I don’t really know where to put the purple bird so I just plonked it here in some tableware deco.  Crazy but this is how I feel now.  I’ve got tons of work lined up for today.  Let’s crash this!