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Teachers’ Day 2010






ps: This took so long to upload. I am going to sleep now. Tired.


please say that you are proud of what I did

Look at what I bought with my gift voucher.  Thank you Popular for the 20% storewide discount.  Thank you Peishan for lending me your discount card 🙂

Changing Faces – Supplementary Reading

Please go to this link for the full article that I introduced on Friday.  Go ahead to do your prep work for essay.  Have a good weekend.

Protected: Beauty

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Video Clips on Environmental Degradation

Kites update #2

Just a quick one because a 2am supper kept me up last night.  I am incredibly tired now but it’s the only saving grace to this crazily hectic life I have now.  Anyway, I managed to catch the exhibition at Raffles Place yesterday.  It ends on 9 August 2010 and will move on to another shopping mall.  Sophia and Wan Chan did these beautiful kites which are going around Singapore on exhibition.  It never goes away – the pride grows immensely in me every time I see the fruit of my students’ labour.  Thank  you gals for painting the kites!

turbine power

This post will never ever do justice to what exactly happened in my English class with 4ABC earlier this afternoon.  It is amazing how turbine power that came in the form of a humble windmill could disrupt a class discussion I was trying valiantly to keep it going.

Me: Tell me, what can you expect at prom night?

(discussion, blah blah)

Nat Neo: OWWWW!!!!

(turns out that a part of Matthew’s windmill flew off and hit Nat’s ear)

Me: Are you alright? Let’s carry on.  What else do you expect at prom?

(discussion, blah blah)

Emmanuel: It’s not spinning.

Me: Huh?

(whole class in laughter)

(discussion, blah blah)

Emmanuel: Now it’s spinning backwards.

Me: Stop playing with the windmill!

(Peishan comes in with a whole stack of NDP souvenirs for her class, containing the windmills)

Me: Okay, leave it there, we’ll give it out later on.

(discussion, blah blah)

* At this point, Rebecca scoots to the back of the class and sits on a chair right at the centre back.  I stare at her incredulously.

Me: Rebecca! What are you doing?

Rebecca: I really want a windmill.

Me: FINE! Get your windmills!

(Mad scramble in the class)

Never ever underestimate turbine power.