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super awesome holidays

Alright none of it turned out the way I wanted it to be.  You could probably tell by the lack of posts for two weeks.  Almost immediately after the supplementary lessons, I got rather sick for a week.  Then I left for a short break.  I mostly rested at home and spent time catching up with people.  It’s not the most action packed holidays and it is one of the happier ones too because I just took things slowly.  The very brief walk at Anderson Waves is a nice end to this super awesome holidays I had.  See you in school!


June Vacation 2010 – the 13th

Squid Ink Pasta

It smells worse than dead fish.  My lips and teeth were all black after that.  I would say the taste was passable.  It tastes nicer than it looks.  But I got a kick out of eating something really strange for a change.  According to research, squid ink is rich in protein and minerals.  Plus, it combats cancer.  I don’t know if this is worth it because that fishy smell is enough to make you lose your friends at the dinner table!

The other awesome thing I did was to have a steaming bowl of pork ribs laksa at the army market after running some errands.  Pork ribs, prawns, cockles and all that laksa sauce – oh man, it was a fantastic end to this weekend.  YUM!

June Vacation 2010 – the 12th

Ate way too much.

June Vacation 2010 – the 11th

Half a spring chicken. Trust me, it’s better than KFC.

But I exceeded the limit for fried chicken for the rest of the year.

Totally sinful.

beef “steakout” – GULP!

You got to really careful reading this post because it is primarily inspired by a lesson yesterday. In the process of discussing the meaning of the word “bovine”, I shared with the class that I haven’t eaten steak for the last 15 years (and that was just a rough estimate). The truth is, I cannot stomach the thought or even the taste of eating a slab of meat. There is something carnivorous about it that makes me so ill and seeing that piece of medium rare meat oozing with meat juices instantly makes me ill.

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