Monthly Archives: April 2010

Color Me Katie

I take vision breaks when I mark and some of my daily reads (see links on the right) inspire me immensely and most of all, it uplifts me 🙂  I chanced upon Color Me Katie and the author is an incredibly gifted artist!

Colour paper ~ her inspiration!

Remember Pacman?

I want a bedroom like hers!


“dim sum” = touch your heart (in cantonese)

I turned down an invitation for dim sum for tea this afternoon.  It took quite a bit of will power and discipline to say no because I honestly do have quite a bit of admin work waiting for me.  The plan was to get some work done and go for a swim at 4 plus.  As usual an angry thunderstorm kept me in the office till 6 plus.  Sigh.  I’ll never get any exercise done at this rate.  Well, to look on the bright side, I managed to complete my presentation slides for a sharing session this Friday and I wrote two letters to be printed en mass.  For now, I just have to dream about this elusive break!

you think this will work?

breathe baby breathe

The simplest joys of breathing, yelling and laughing should never be taken for granted.  Just this weekend that passed, I endured the most excruciating back pain that made breathing utterly painful.  Every breath I took was so torturous that I resorted to gasping for breath to minimise the pain. You’ll never realise how much that group of muscles at your torso does for you until they are wrecked somehow.  Till now, I have no idea how I pulled my back muscles.  I am only grateful that I could return to work and sleep on my side at night without wincing in pain.  Most of all, every breath I take is sweet relief!