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the day I didn’t collapse halfway


It is with great relief that I completed the run this morning. Right now, I just want to fall asleep because it feels good to be relaxed. I don’t think I can write anymore because my eyes are just closing. I’ll come back again later I guess.


Sample Proposal

Dear everyone,

Here is the requested sample for the proposal.

Sample for Nov 2008 Part 2 – class notes upload

Feedback please!!!

What do you think of the assembly programme today?  Would you like me to look into more of such programmes in the future?  btw, 8 students + 1 teacher may visit the station and go on air with the deejays.  If you are interested, please comment on this post so that I can take note of the interest level and response.


Overheard in class today: “Miss Lai, you just own XXX!”


From the Urban Dictionary:

To own is to beat an opponent while displaying a high degree of skill and style.

Oh yeah, I am starting to really like this word 🙂

Mar Holiday Treat

Happy March Holidays guys!  This is really interesting 🙂

horror of all horrors

This was what I found when I returned to my office after two meetings in the afternoon.  English Files War!!!


MOE Excel Fest 2010

Last Friday, all the staff went down to Suntec City to support our Character Education Team which was invited by MOE to showcase our award-winning Character Education Programme (MOE Outstanding Award).  I am really proud that your school was one of the 30 secondary schools at the convention.  It is definitely an affirmation of the standards of holistic education that Kranji provides for all our students.  Congratulations to the Character Education Team!


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