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Discovery very

I don’t think I will ever be able to survive in the army.  Just the mock firing of an M16 was a heavy and painful task for me.  Oh yeah, my score was zero.  Hopeless.  But I think I understand a little more after a trip to the Army Museum cum Discovery Centre with the Sec 1s.  Inwardly, I do appreciate all that’s been done for us.  Afterall, I have had a really cushy and secure life thanks to the foresight and wisdom of the planners at work.

In any case, these few items caught my eye with its design lines.





Personality Traits

In the last couple of days, I briefly shared about “introverts” vs “extroverts”.  A sudden flash of inspiration hit me to find out more.  In the midst of reading it up on the internet, I found an article about “Birth Order”.  Are you the only child, first born, middle child or the last one?

Only Children

Positives: Only children are the movers and shakers- task-orientated, highly organised, conscientious and reliable. They like concrete facts and details, and are comfortable with responsibility.

Negatives: The negative characteristics of only children can be difficult to put up with. Often unforgiving, they can be demanding and unwilling to admit it when they’re wrong. They generally don’t accept criticism too well. Other people mqay think of them as sensitive and indeed, their feelings are easily hurt.


Positives: Natural leaders, first-borns are often high achievers- many politicians, spokespersons and managing directors are first-borns. They frequently have a sense of entitlement and possibly superiority. Some are compliant nurturers/caregivers, while others are aggressive movers and shakers. They are both in control, but use different methods. Generally, first-borns are picky, precise people that pay heed to details, tending to be punctual, competent and organised. They want to see things done correctly first time around and dislike surprises.

Negatives: They are frequently moody, and they occasionally lack sensitivity. They can be intimidating, especially by pushing people too hard or refusing to take no for an answer. They are sometimes a bit ‘know-it-all’ and are often poor at delegating – mainly because they don’t trust others as much as themselves. They also tend to be bossy perfectionists and overly conscientious.

Positives: The classic middle child is very relational; a people-pleaser who usually dislikes confrontation. They basically need to keep life smooth, and their motto might be ‘peace at any price’. They are usually very calm, will roll with the punches as amiable, down-to-earth people and great listeners. They are skilled at seeing both sides of a problem and keen to make everybody happy, making them good mediators and negotiators.

Negatives: They tend to be less ambitious or driven than first-borns, but much more eager to be liked― or, at least, to be happy with other people. They can have a difficult time setting boundaries, so they can drift into ‘co-dependence’ by trying to please everyone. They are not good at making decisions which offend others and tend to blame themselves for the failures of others.


Positives: Last-borns are the cheerleaders of the world. They have good social skills and love to entertain and talk to other people. They make friends readily, and quickly make others feel at home. They’re extrovert, energised by the presence of other people and probably not afraid of taking risks.

Negatives: Last-borns often tend to get bored fast. They are fearful of rejection and have a short attention span. When the fun stops, they’ve had enough and want to check out. To some extent they’re self-centred. They can harbour unrealistic expectations of finding a relationship that’s always fun, and, of course, such relationships simply do not last.

How do you fit into the mix? Do you think your birth order has influenced your personality?


Love Kranji ♥

This is my first year with the Kranji Young Alumni.  It was heartening to be seated at the back listening to my ex-students passionately discussing how to fan the Kranji Spirit.  I remember how most of them were when I taught them and I must say I am proud of everyone of them for being the level-headed and fun-loving people now with a heart for the school.  Hey guys, I look forward to working with you all in 2010.  Go Kranji Young Alumni!

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the winner’s mentality

I like what Mdm Lee said this morning about the winner’s mentality.

“be humble, be teachable …”

“make the right choices”


My first lesson post for 2010 🙂  Click on the image to download the list of affixes.

How did you find this lesson?  How did it help you to tackle vocabulary skills?  Coments please so that I can improve my lesson.  Thank you!

overnight perseverance (cycling)

overnight cycling

I am not a stickler for New Year countdowns or resolutions. To me, the 31st is just like any other day and I don’t like to make a big deal out of it with resolutions and what other jazz. In any case, all that countdown parties and booze doesn’t make sense to me. It just reduces all that self-dignity in a person when he loses control over alcohol.

Despite my plan not to do anything special on New Year’s eve, I got dragged into the most crazy plan ever. I hate staying up late at night because I get grouchy with the lack of sleep. Most importantly, I hate cycling because I can’t cycle. Really, why would I want to spend hours over something I can’t do?

Picture credits: Alvin Lim

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