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Being a teacher cum student in this digital age

This is kind of like a vision break from my admin work and I also realised that I haven’t been writing for quite a while.

One of the interesting things recently is an EL Teaching Seminar that I attended at SMU.  I think I come from the era where note-taking was in the form of self-concocted abbreviations and structures that only made sense to me.  Working with a laptop in the middle of a lecture is something I would never ever get used to.  Plus, there is a multitude of distractions in the form of MSN, Facebook and YouTube.  I must confess I am not the most cooperative student in this aspect.

However, the age of laptops as a tool in the classroom opened up possibilities in learning for me.  No longer was information static.  We had teaching videos streaming in the notebooks and hands on experience with some materials which we could manipulate or create.  In this sense, it was refreshing.

A couple of the highlights at the seminar was the introduction of the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).  I had a lovely instructor who gave us some very practical hands on experience with the IWB and fool-proof instructions like “Just follow the steps I gave blindly.  You can’t go wrong.”  Here we are exploring the possibilities of an IWB.


Another one memorable session was spent learning all the different forms of poetry like a haiku, tank, concrete, shape and cinquain.  Given 20 minutes, we had to rack our brains and write two different kinds of poem.  It was rather challenging.  I know you all are ever so interested in L-O-V-E.  So, here’s a wonderful piece written by my coursemates on what love is in the form of a “list poem”.  Enjoy 🙂



You are so AWESOME!

A BIG THANK YOU to the Student Guides at the Open House!

I am very grateful that you gave your time and were passionate about Kranji!

I never saw myself this way


Awesome shot by Jian Lun at Grad Nite 2009

ps: I should get more sleep too.  The eye bags are deplorable.


our little secret – you both made it an extra special night :)

You are my sunshine


Quick Post Before I Leave for Work


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See how sauve my “favourites” look like!

I don’t know what possessed me …


First Manicure of My Entire Life

… but are you ready for prom nite?