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thank you for the music

Monday’s marathon meeting immediately after the Teachers’ Day Concert was brutal.  I only got to open and sort out all the cards and presents today.  I sincerely want to thank everyone for all the lovely cards, heartfelt wishes and gifts.  They are an immense encouragement to me.  It doesn’t get any easier as the years go by.  Reading (and re-reading) every single one of the cards remind and affirm what I started doing in the first place.  When the going gets tough, I sometimes take out some of these cards and reading it gives me an instant boost of faith.  I still believe in impacting and influencing the lives of young people.  It will bear fruit in the years to come.  Thank you to all my lovely students 🙂

Some personal shoutouts cum replies:

Xiao Jin: Yes, I like the colour.  You read my mind.

Melissa Tan: Oh yeah, you got it right.  It fits like a T. hee hee  I will wear it soon.

Brandon: I read and re-read it many times.  Arigato.