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sometimes we miss the most obvious

It’s been pretty dreary this week since I had no lessons.  I miss the bantering and interaction in class.  Today has been one of the most trying days in a long while.  I went for an extra long run to work off the frustration and put things into perspective.  At the end of today’s run, I realised when I go running, I am reminded of the simple things in life that I should be grateful for.

When I run in the evenings, some of these things cheer me up:

  1. simple laughter from children playing in the playgrounds
  2. really cute dogs excited by the prospect of sniffing out something interesting
  3. inspiration from many more stronger joggers who seem to go on endlessly with little effort
  4. peace and privacy to sort out my crowded mind
  5. a lady with an amputated leg exercising with one remaining limb
  6. fragrance from some flowering trees that rest heavily at one corner

Most of all, I am reminded that many  simple things in life outweigh the burdens that we carry. They make life meaningful.  So, don’t miss the obvious!


You are my Bunny Fairy


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Grrrrrrreat Presentations (3)

Notice how clean and sleek this one is. Crystal clear organisation of ideas and supported by a strong script.

This presentation on transport has good content that I believe all of us will benefit from it.

Grrrrrreat Presentation (2) – File Sharing

I just realised that only allows a portion of the slides to be shown 😦 It’s a pity that most of you can’t see the full presentation. Anyway, here is another great one from Foong Ming, Grace, Michelle and Liqi. Well done gals!

Green Roofs via The Pink Panda


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Grrrrreat presentations – Samples (1)

Dear everyone,

The presentations have begun for 4DEF. We have gathered several learning points. Remember that this is a journey that we are moving forwards together. As such, I have decided to share on some of the winning elements to help everyone succeed and improve. Here are two presentations which have incorporated the learning points from “Death by Powerpoint” very successfully.

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Share your learning points with me please.

Feedback helps me to improve and be a more effective teacher. I would really appreciate it if you share with me a something that you learnt in the course of preparing the template, research, powerpoint storyboarding and especially watching / presenting.  Drop me a note in the comment box please.