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Update on Progress – 4D/E/F

1. Send all templates to me by Sat – 1pm.
2. I will comment on it and return all by Monday.
3. Use Monday’s lesson for refinements.
4. Tuesday – presentations begin with Tan Jon and Margaret’s group.


Oral Presentation Project

Hello everyone,

For our post-exam activity, we will be preparing our material for oral skills.  An excellent conversation is engaging in content and brings in issues from different perspectives.  This is your chance to read up and share with your classmates.

Here are two files that you need to look at for the lesson.



As always if you have a question or face some problems, drop me a comment and I will surely respond 🙂

Death by Powerpoint

How do we use powerpoint effectively to make GREAT presentations?

Watch these videos and learn from the experts.  Enjoy!

I would appreciate some comments on the usefulness of these video clips. Drop me a note please.

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It is truly hard to fool students. I had to keep a very straight face as Mr Tan and I tried to spring a surprise Service-Learning celebration on 4E. You missed out on all the action!

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Good Friday Post

In the true spirit of National Education, we bring you some very delightful Kranjians who painted the walls and in the process threatened to paint me as well 🙂

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Booking Slots for Oral

Sorry for the delay.  I only just managed to work out my schedule.  This is a preview copy for all to check your schedules.  Click on the picture for the full version in pdf.  Final bookings to be made outside my office in hard copy, please.



Hello everyone!

Here are the audio recordings ready for download.  Use it with reference to your oral booklet and PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!!!

Download it here – fast connection needed