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Proverbs Resource

Here is another great resource for Proverbs.


People Portraits

Portraits of People – Image heavy!

Source: Flickr, The Sartorialist

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Additional Compre Practice (TOOPS)

Additional Compre Prac (TOOPS)

This is put up for the 4F students who do not have a chance to attend the IP coaching sessions.  I gave this as additional practice.  You should download this for your Mar hols practice.  I will upload the answers at the end of the hols for you to mark and check.

This one has nothing to do with English but …

I am just so exhilarated!!!

4E was tops at the recent Sports Fiesta … huff puff … we ran / walked and ….

4E won the STAR CLASS AWARD for February!

Well done!  YAY!!!!

♥ Greater things are yet to come ♥


Just a quick shoutout to three very helpful guys – Guan Yeow, Zul and Iskandar. Thank you very much for helping me build the EL resources!!! 🙂