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Lilies for Love

Where there is a rainbow, there is hope

Thanks for all the encouraging words at the AK Closing Ceremony.  I am with you guys all the way 🙂


It’s common test week. Marking is driv …

It’s common test week. Marking is driving me nuts. I decided to reply some of the comments on Kobayashi and in the process …. changed the blogskin. Do you like it?

Kobayashi – Do not watch if you just ate something.

Kobayashi is a world sensation because he did two significant things:
1. He made competitive eating a sport by having a strict training regimen. Therefore, he debunked the myth that competitive eating was monopolised by big-sized people.
2. He devised his own technique of stuffing as many hotdogs as possible within a time limit – break it into half, dip it into water and stuff it into his mouth!

Here are the video resources that you should look at before attempting the comprehension exercise:

(A) A tribute video to Takeru Kobayashi

(B) Kobayashi’s technique of eating a hotdog – filmed in slow motion

Other links:

Kobayashi’s biography

Joey Chestnut shatters the world record

Joey Chestnut sets the world record (Channelnews Asia)

Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest

Ever seen a $10,000 bill before?

We live in a world that encourages us to live on credit.  Never have I ever seen a $10,000 bill physically.  All thanks to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, I get a digital glimpse of it.

What do they put on our dollar bill to make it Uniquely Singapore?

Any suggestions of what you think should be added to the dollar bill?  Comments please 🙂

Money Idioms

Here is an exercise for you to complete.

Task: find out what the idioms mean and construct a meaningful sentence which demonstrates its meaning

Download this worksheet – money-idioms2

Use this link to figure out the meanings

Note: please do not copy the sample sentences.