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Goodbye & Goodnight! – Part 3. Final.

Alright folks, I finally made it.  This should be the last of the class photos.  There are a few individual shots which I will put it up on an online photo album for you to download.

Part 3 is dedicated to the noisest class ever!  Most commonly used phrase by the English teacher, “Stop socialising and start working!”

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Goodbye & Goodnight – Part 2 (4C/E)

I will always remember this class as one of the most diligent and pleasant classes ever.  Will really miss you guys!

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Dumpr – Photofun



I just found this site and it’s really easy to use to create effects for your photos.

Goodbye & Goodnight! – Part 1

For the first time ever, my last day of school was entirely fun and there were loads of photos!  You guys have been great!  Enjoy the photos

I am going to begin with the easier batch first – my Sec 5 class

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