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Up, Up and BEYOND!

Hello guys!  How has it been going?  Three days of AK workshops and I hardly saw you all 😦

What’s something you learnt at the workshop?  Share with me ya?


TELL words for ANGER & SHOCK

Dear 4A/B/D,

Here are the list of words you generated during class.  Good work 🙂

TELL words for anger and shock


Dear 4C/E,

Here are the list of phrases that we generated from the class exercise.  Good luck with the writing.

SHOW phrases for ANGER 

One Word

Here are the slides for today’s lesson.


Hello? Is Anybody There?

Hmm …  I am not sure if anyone still reads this almost dead blog.  I haven’t had time to update the entries.  Anyway, I was surfing a while ago and came across this fantastic site – Freerice. For every correct answer, they donate X grains of rice!  I am hooked on the vocab quiz.

How have your holidays been?  Drop me a note here to let me know ok?