how little I know about this

The next 2 days are immensely challenging in class. Firstly, I have to take the class through a really difficult passage on the ethics of stem cell research.  Next, I know nuts about the topic.  True, I don’t have to know about everything under the sun.  But it sure doesn’t feel good that I am going into class having a poor grasp of the subject matter.  Here are a couple of resources I am going to use.


Video Feature: This is Gladys

Video Feature: Ah Kong

I was working out my lessons for next week when I came across this very touching video.

Pulau Semakau – Supplementary Resources

1. Solid Waste Management

2. Sport Fishing

3. Flora and Fauna


Test Your Vocab

Test Your Vocab

I am back in the full swing of things here in school.  It’s been really great everyday even though the pace has been insane.  I wish I have more energy and time for even more things in school, Here is a fun vocab quiz for all of you to try.

Tip: Best to try it on a computer.  You’ll need a mouse to do all that clicking.


Fall From Grace

I still feel stupid for looking up to you and telling my students how great you were.


Video Feature: The Coca Cola Friendship Machine

What do you look for in a good friend?